Theo Egberts
IFOY tester

Theo Egberts (1963) is a independent journalist, tester and organiser at his privately owned Buro Andersom and Andersom Testing.
He studied journalism (general, internal communications and trade magazines) and started his career in 1985 at the Dutch Telecom Organization PTT, nowadays known as KPN as an internal business journalist.

In 1988 he changed jobs and became editor at Logistiek Krant, a trade magazine on logistics in newspaper format. During this period, he specialised in forklift and warehouse trucks and started the lift truck test. Following this, he was involved in the organisation of the Dutch Championship for Lift Truck Drivers (NKIT) that debuted in 1994. In 1996 he became Editor-in-Chief of Transport & Opslag, a trade magazine focusing on internal transport and storage systems. In 1999 he left the publishing company to join his wife at Text Agency Buro Andersom and became a freelance journalist, truck tester and organiser of the NKIT championships that were held for the 16th time in 2011.

Theo Egberts is now involved in many trade and business publications in both print and video formats focusing on internal logistics and the use of lift and warehousing trucks as well as building and construction machines. He produces the Andersom Test for magazines in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden and is often asked to test prototypes and newly developed trucks for manufacturers.