IFOY Process & Conditions of participation
Apply correctly and succeed


Step 1: Submit application (August to October)

Duration: 5 min., www.ifoy.org, free of charge/non-binding
Communication: confidential

If you would like to take part in the IFOY AWARD, register your application at www.ifoy.org first.

This registration is necessary because an individual entry mask is created for each application, in which the required data can be filled in.

You have the choice to select one or more categories. The IFOY organisation decides for which category an application is nominated after the nomination phase.

No later than 48 hours after your application, you will receive the access data for your input form(s) on the password-protected applicant portal as well as the conditions of participation with an overview of fees by e-mail.

In addition, you will be informed from this point on about all dates, deadlines, downloads, To Do´s, etc. by e-mail.

The Application registration is free of charge and non-binding.

Please note the following when participating:

  • As soon as you save your application for the first time, your product is bindingly registered.
  • A withdrawal is then no longer possible.
  • In case of nomination by the jury, fees will be charged and participation in the IFOY Audit is mandatory.


Step 2: Enter application data (August to October)

Duration: 3 hours, applicant portal: www.ifoy.org, free of charge/binding
Communication: confidential

With your access data you can log on to the applicant portal until the end of the official application phase and fill in your entry form. In this phase, the form is only viewable for you and you can change or save it as you wish until either the application phase ends or you click on "Application completed".

Already during the data input you can see how your application looks like in the frontend of the website. This view will be activated later for the jury and, in the case of a nomination, will be made public.

The application form is short and the text input is limited. An application must be submitted in German and English.

  • Basically the following contents are in the spotlight:
  • Significant headline
  • Striking summary
  • Description of the innovation (we recommend bullit points)
  • Description of customer benefits (we recommend bullit points)
  • Technical data, videos and pictures ((File names WITHOUT umlauts, special characters or spaces!)
  • A case study is required for a Integrated Warehouse Solution

Answer the questions as briefly, understandably and strikingly as possible. It is not important that the texts are long, on the contrary. It is crucial that the texts are clearly structured and that the jury immediately recognizes the innovation and its value for the users.

An application submission is free of charge. However, please note that fees will be charged in the event of a nomination.


Step 3: Nomination (November/December)

Duration: 2 months, subject to a charge
Communication: press release worldwide, social media

At the end of the official application phase, all submission forms will automatically be blocked and the jury members and test teams will have access to the application you have submitted. From this point on, withdrawal is no longer possible.

After a formal and technical preliminary examination, the jury will nominate a maximum of five vehicles or solutions for the final from all valid applications in each category. As a rule, no more than 15 - 20 devices and solutions will be nominated in total. Only these finalists of the IFOY AWARD will be publicly announced in mid-January. Applications, on the other hand, will be treated confidentially and will not be communicated in order not to make a negative selection.

There is no nomination restriction in the Start-up of the Year category.

Each entrant will be informed in writing before the publication whether the jury has nominated.

If a device/solution is nominated, the nomination fee is mandatory.



Duration: 4 days, test event
Communication: 3 press releases worldwide, social media, videos, video footage, picture galleries

All nominated devices and solutions must compete at their own expense at the IFOY TEST DAYS for the IFOY Audit, which takes place as part of the TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS in Dortmund. The IFOY Audit consists of the IFOY Test, the Scientific Innovation Check and the Jury Test. The IFOY finalists will receive in time a "Nominee Information" with detailed instructions and the program.

  • Day 1: Setup and first equipment tests
  • Day 2: Exclusive jury day, IFOY tests and innovation checks, video shooting and photo shoots with the nominees. Jurors from the leading logistics media around the globe and their advisors, as well as scientists, will travel to test or view the equipment and solutions.
    Evening program: IFOY Nominee Dinner.
  • Day 3 and 4: Official opening of TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS with awarding of the Best-in-Intralogistics Certificates on the Main Stage. All finalists will also receive a communication package consisting of a press release as well as a certificate, e-mail binder and graphic files for embedding the certificate in documents. B2B highlight tours, congress program, get-togethers, jury sessions.
  • Staffing by C-level, developers, product managers, and press/marketing advisable.


Nominees should pay special attention to the TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS. At the TEST CAMP, everything revolves around the hands-on testing of innovations and new products from warehousing and material handling technology on more than 10,000 square meters. The test event enables intensive networking with decision-makers from industry, trade and services with a concrete interest in innovation and investment. Dates and program will be announced each year.

More information: www.testcamp-intralogistics.com

Please note: The booth fees at TEST CAMP INTRALOGISTICS are not included in the nomination fees, but IFOY finalists receive special conditions. Exhibitor information and current stand prices and offers can be requested from the IFOY office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , T +49 89 215384611


Step 5: The Selection

Duration: 2 weeks
Communication: confidential

After the IFOY TEST DAYS, the jury selects the winner in each category. Each jury member gives a ranking in each category and justifies the decision. Each rank is marked with a point value. The candidate with the highest number of points from the sum of the rankings submitted will be automatically the winner.

The selection takes place online and database-supported on the jury portal.


Step 6: IFOY AWARD Night - the award ceremony

Duration: 1 day, gala event
Communication: 6 press releases worldwide, social media, videos, picture galleries, video footage

The highlight of the IFOY AWARD is the announcement of the winners and the award ceremony during a festive gala. Neither the nominees nor the winners will be informed in advance.

Winners will receive a trophy and IFOY Winner stickers.


Conditions of participation

All about the IFOY rules and the process can be found in the GTC.