Snejina Badjeva 
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of LOGISTIKA magazine

Snejina Badjeva (born in 1957) is Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Bulgarian “LOGISTIKA” magazine.
After studying at the Technical University Sofia and graduating as Engineer Mag. Raidoelectronics in 1980, she started her career as a science editor of technical books in the Technika Publishing house Sofia - the biggest Bulgarian publishing house of technical books (1983 - 1989). The following 11 years she worked at newspapers and magazines - Editor-in-Chief (1989 - 1991) at the weekly newspaper Computerworld, publisher IDG Bulgaria; Senior Editor (1992 - 1996), weekly newspaper “CASH”, publisher Ringier Bulgaria; Editor (1997 - 2000) Bulgarian Transport Newspaper, publisher Bulgarsko Transportno Izdatelstvo Ltd.
In 2000 she founded Bulgarian Transport Press as one of the shareholders together with DVV Media Group.  Since then (2000 - 2014) she is publisher and Editor-in-Chief, responsible for the development of magazines, websites, events and other new products in Bulgarian Transport Press. In 2005 she launched as a management by out LOGISTIKA magazine and is Editor-in-Chief of this magazine.
As an Editor-in-Chief of LOGISTIKA magazine she covers all areas connected with supply chain management and warehouse equipment; as a publisher of KAMIONI magazine - trucks markets, trends and truck testing. 

Proxy: Vassil Vassilev

Vassil Vassilev graduated from the Technical University of Sofia with a degree in engineering and automation of production. He also specializes in international economic relations. In 1998 he started his career as a business journalist for the weekly newspaper "CASH", publisher Ringier Bulgaria. Over the years he has worked as a business journalist for the magazine Regal (for the retail trade) and the weekly newspaper Republica. Since 2007 Vasilev Vasil has worked as an editor for the magazine LOGISTIKA. He develops the Modern Warehouse section of the magazine, which reports on forklift trucks, equipment and software for the warehouse. He is interested in innovations in the world of intralogistics and writes about them in the magazine and online at He closely follows the development of the warehouse technology market in Bulgaria.



LOGISTIKA magazine connects the providers of logistics services to their clients. It covers a wide range of aspects in modern trading and manufacturing, storage and distribution, supply chain management, transport and freight forwarding, warehousing technology and telematics.

CIRCULATION 5,500 copies
TARGET GROUP Manufacturing, distribution, transport and logistics companies, trading chains, importers, companies providing warehousing equipment, software companies, courier services, designers and builders of warehouses.