Sebastian Śliwieński
Editor-in-Chief Warehouse Monitor

Sebastian Śliwieński (born 1977) is Editor-in-Chief of the Polish logistics magazine "Warehouse Monitor" and has been professionally involved in media activities in the logistics market for a number of years.

Previously Sebastian Śliwieński was the Editor-in-Chief of the economy section of the biggest regional quality newspaper in Poland, “Głos Wielkopolski”, and worked for leading economics magazines (e.g. the Polish edition of “BusinessWeek”). He is also a member of a group that independently analyses logistics markets – “Warehouse Monitor Research”. He is the originator and co-organiser of the Polish Congress on Warehousing and Logistics (2009 and 2010 events). He is the initiator and author of the first Polish market research on quantity and quality, the most important topics for Polish readers. He is the author of a number of texts describing the Polish and European warehousing logistics markets.

Sebastian Śliwieński has won a highly prestigious award for Polish economics journalists – “Sharp Pen”.

Warehouse Monitor

Warehouse Monitor features extensive analysis of the forklift truck market, the market for warehouse automation, services and software for warehouse management but also describes the requirements for storage products of companies from many industries. It provides a complete guide to the domestic warehouse logistics market prepared by a team of experts.





TARGET GROUP Logistics and warehouse managers
NEWSLETTER/E-PAPER Weekly, 20,500 recipients, e-paper
SPECIAL ISSUES Logistics Education, Warehouse Monitor Almanac, Pallet Survey


Advisory team

Barbara Kasprzak 

Journalist and analyst at Warehouse Monitor

Brief description of areas of specalisation: analysis of the forklift truck market, the market for warehouse racking and warehouse automation; services and software.