Isabel Rodrigo
Editor-in-Chief Cuadernos de Logística

Isabel Rodrigo (born in 1963) is editor-in-chief of the Spanish logistics magazine "Cuadernos de Logística", Madrid, Spain.

The magazine is published by  C de Comunicación, a specialized communication group that operates in five professional sectors:  Logistics, Hardware and DIY, Logistics, Meat, Electrical Material and Air Conditioning and Comfort.

The trained journalist, who graduated from Complutense University in Madrid, has been working for the Grupo Tecnipublicaciones publishing group for more than 15 years. She initially worked as an editor for magazines in the environmental, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Rodrigo was made editor-in-chief of Logística Profesional in 2004. Prior to this, she worked at a magazine for the pharmaceutical sector and at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, where she organised conferences and trade fairs, including "Space Research in the Soviet Union".

Since 2021, she is working as editor-in-chief of the Spanish logistics magazine "Cuadernos de Logística".