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  • HERMES.Wirtschafts.Forum
  • HERMES.Wirtschafts.Forum
  • HERMES.Wirtschafts.Forum
  • HERMES.Wirtschafts.Forum
  • KommR Gerhard Schlögel

The HERMES.Wirtschafts.Forum is the communication platform for business, science and politics, and provides significant impetus for honoring and networking the Austrian economy. The cross-industry platform of excellence connects decision-makers from all political as well as economic sectors and brings together the brightest minds - opinion leaders, thought leaders, business champions. At the HERMES Forum events, you meet personalities who are the best in their discipline and who are shaping the future.

The HERMES.Wirtschafts.Preis is the appreciation of the outstanding achievements of the Austrian economy. Especially in the extraordinary times in which we find ourselves, awards are of enormous importance. The annual presentation of the HERMES.Business.Awards in the categories Service, Family, Women-led, Trade, Real Estate, Industry, International, Logistics and Tourism, takes place within the framework of the "Gala Night of Business" with more than 600 high-ranking guests from politics and business in the Great Ballroom of the Hofburg Vienna. In addition, the HERMES is dedicated to the nationally and globally most important core topics of the economy with the special categories Employer Branding and Climate Protection.

Employer branding is more important today than ever before, because the greatest upheavals that the labor market has experienced to date are still to come. The HERMES Employer Branding Award recognizes those companies from all sectors of the economy that use employer branding projects to present themselves as attractive and successful employer brands in the labor market.

The social consensus is that we must not live our prosperity at the expense of future generations. The HERMES Climate Protection Award honors those companies and their doers that are actively committed to a climate and environmentally friendly future with innovative projects. With the projects submitted each year from all sectors, the business community impressively demonstrates that climate protection and successful business go hand in hand and secure jobs.

The aim of the HERMES initiators and partners is to increase public awareness of the very successful achievements of the business community. Even one nomination for the HERMES Award in the categories of business, employer branding and kilma protection is an excellent opportunity to draw the attention of a wide audience to the company and its achievements.

KommR Gerhard Schlögel

"You don't stumble into the champions' position by chance. At the beginning, there are always very strong ambitions. Those who have made it have set their sights on becoming the best. First in their regional market, then globally. And behind them there is usually a strong personality who drives this forward with enthusiasm. The characteristics that the companies at the top have in common are focus and concentration. You only become a champion if you focus on one business area and concentrate all your energy on it. It's similar to sports. You can't become world champion in a marathon and at the same time in the hundred-meter race. You have to concentrate on one discipline."

KommR Gerhard Schlögel, CEO HERMES.Wirtschafts.Forum, Vienna