IFOY AWARD 2020: Apply now

  • Who will win the Intralogistics Oscar 2020? The application portal on www.ifoy.org is open from June 13 until October 30, 2019.
  • NEW Special vehicles such as cargobikes and drones can compete for the first time.
  • NEW "IFOY meets Business": IFOY opens TEST DAYS for logistics decision-makers.

Ismaning near Munich, June 12, 2019. The race is on for the top class of intralogistics. Only a few weeks ago, this year's winners of the IFOY AWARD cheered in the Vienna Hofburg. From today on, provider of intralogistics products and solutions can apply again for the next round in 2020.

There are a total of 13 categories that cover almost all areas of intralogistics. In addition to forklifts, warehouse technology equipment and special vehicles, automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs), shuttles, robots, software and apps as well as successfully implemented, integrated warehouse concepts are also eligible for an application. In addition, outstanding technical details or components, such as ergonomic innovations, safety solutions or automation components, are also awarded. What's new is that cargobikes and drones can enter for the first time.

IFOY meets Business

The organisation team has also announced another premiere which should be interesting for intralogistics investment projects. At the next IFOY TEST DAYS on 12 and 13 February 2020, B2B visitors from the logistics sector will also be admitted for the first time under the motto “IFOY meets Business”. To date, only jurors and their advisors had the chance to examine the innovations of the finalists at the test event.

“Experiencing an innovation live is quite different from reading it on paper or just seeing it somewhere. The demand from potential users from the industry for hands-on testing of the best innovations of the year was so high that we decided to create a permanent test option," says Anita Würmser, Executive Chairwoman of the IFOY AWARD Jury. However, the number of participants will be limited in order to guarantee intensive testing.

In future, logistics decision-makers will be able to drive and test the equipment in the newly established IFOY TEST CAMP and find out about the exhibited products and solutions in thematic highlight tours. In addition, they can talk to the developers and testers to get an overview of the innovations. 

The International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY AWARD) honors the best industrial trucks and intralogistics solutions of the year - selected by the leading international logistics media. It has established itself as an indication of economic efficiency and innovation and is regarded as the most important innovation prize in intralogistics due to its specialist expertise. The decision is based on a three-stage audit. The devices and solutions nominated for the finals will be subjected to individually tailored driving or functional tests at the IFOY TEST DAYS from 7 to 13 February at the Hanover Fairground, including the IFOY test protocol, which comprises around 80 criteria, and the scientific IFOY Innovation Check. In addition, jurors and their advisory teams from the industry travel to the fair to assess the finalists themselves before they cast their vote. It is crucial that the nominees are not compared with each other, but with their competitors on the market. 

The sponsor of the IFOY AWARD, which is under the patronage of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, is the VDMA Sector Association for Materials Handling and Intralogistics. IFOY partner is the Hannover Messe. Pallet partner of the IFOY AWARD is Chep, world market leader in the pooling of pallets and containers. The technology partner is the battery charging specialist Fronius.

Applications can only be submitted via the Internet at www.ifoy.org 

The conditions of participation can be requested from the IFOY office (www.ifoy.org).

You can find printable photos and IFOY logo variants in the press section at www.IFOY.org.

At a glance: IFOY AWARD categories 2020

  1. Counter Balanced Truckup to 3.5 tons 
  2. Counter Balanced Truckfrom 3.51 tons
  3. Heavy Load Forklift: Container stackers, heavy-duty forklifts over 8 tons
  4. Special Vehicle:Forklifts and vehicles for special tasks, special vehicle manufacturing, drones, cargobikes, truck-mounted forklifts
  5. Warehouse Truck "highlifter": Materials handling equipment from the 2nd shelving level, such as high-bay trucks, VNA trucks or reach trucks, pedestrian-controlled highlift trucks, order-picking trucks, etc.
  6. Warehouse Truck "lowlifter":Materials handling equipment up to 1st shelving level, such as pedestrian-controlled lowlift trucks, lift trucks, tow tractors, tugger trains, order-picking trucks, etc.
  7. Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV): Shuttle (systems), driverless transport systems, automated/partially automated materials handling equipment in the context of the application options
  8. Intralogistics Robot:Robots or robot-based solutions for intralogistic applications (picking robots, palletizing and depalletizing robots, cobots, robots for automatic unloading and loading of trucks, etc.)
  9. Intralogistics Software:Apps and intralogistics system or software solutions in the context of the application options, such as warehouse management systems, truck guidance systems, advanced driver assistance systems, fleet management systems, etc.
  10. Integrated Warehouse Solution:A warehouse concept that has been successfully implemented at the customer's location
  11. Special of the Year:Components or technical details that significantly improve economics or environment, the physical or psychological conditions of the user, such as ergonomic innovations, safety assistant solutions, automation solutions, drive technology, forklift attachments, etc.
  12. Crane and Lifting Appliance: Cranes for various applications, like bridge and gantry cranes, wall travelling cranes, jib cranes, overhead monorail cranes, light cranes, etc.
    Lifting appliances like chain hoists and rope hoists, winches, magnet lifters, vacuum lifters, lifting platforms and mobile elevating work platforms etc
  13. Startup:The prize is awarded to innovative prototypes or functional developments (intralogistics products, software, vehicles or components) of newly founded companies. 



The International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY AWARD) recognises the year's best intralogistics products and system solutions. The aim of the organisation is to document the performance capability and innovative drive of the intralogistics, helping to boost competitiveness and raise the profile of the entire sector in the public arena. The winners of the IFOY Award are selected once a year by an independent jury of international trade journalists. The sponsor of the IFOY Award is the VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics Sector Association. The IFOY partners are Deutsche Messe with the CeMAT trade fair in Hannover and the Messe München trade fair company in Munich with the transport logistic, bauma and IFAT fairs. The IFOY pallet partner is CHEP, the global market leader in pallet pooling. The IFOY technology partner is the battery charging specialist Fronius. The headquarters of the IFOY organisation are in Ismaning near Munich.

Members of the jury:Kirsty Adams, editor-in-chief SHD Logistics (UK), Vladimir Antonov, editor-in-chief Sklad i Technika (Russia), Cecilia Biondi, editor-in-chief Logistica Management (Italy), Snejina Badjeva, editor-in-chief Logistika magazine (Bulgaria), Dave Blanchard, editor-in-chief Material Handling & Logistics / Industry Week (USA), Theo Egberts, IFOY tester and owner of Buro Andersom / Andersom Testing (Netherlands, without voting rights), Thilo Jörgl, editor-in-chief Logistik Heute (Germany), Anders Karlsson, editor-in-chief Svensk Åkeritidning(Sweden), Klaus Koch, editor-in-chief Logistik&Fördertechnik, Handel Heute(Switzerland), Allan Leibowitz, editor-in-chief forkliftaction.com (Australia), Valeria Lima de Azevedo Nammur, editor-in-chief LogWeb Magazine (Brazil), Øyvind Ludt, editor-in-chief Moderne Transport (Norway), Bernd Maienschein, editor-in-chief MM Logistik (Germany), Marilena Matei, editorial director Tranzit / Tranzit Logistica (Romania), Anton Mizunov, editor-in-chief Skladskoj complex (Russia), Maurizio Peruzzi, editor-in-chief Il Giornale della Logistica (Italy), Szilvia Rapi Jaubert, publisher and editor-in-chief Supply Chain Monitor (Hungary), Isabel Rodrigo, editor-in-chief Logística Profesional (Spain), Thomas Rosenberger, editor-in-chief lastauto omnibus (Germany), Hans-Joachim Schlobach, publisher and editor-in-chief Business+Logistic (Austria), Sascha Schmel, managing director association materials handling and intralogistics in the VDMA (Germany, without voting rights), Sebastian Śliwieński, editor-in-chief Warehouse Monitor (Poland), Jarlath Sweeney, editor-in-chief Fleet transport (Ireland), Mats Udikas, editor-in-chief Transportnytt (Sweden). The executive chairperson of the jury is Anita Wuermser, logistics journalist and managing director of wuermser.communications.

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