IFOY Award 2014:
the nominees are ...

  • Crown, Jungheinrich, Still and Toyota: international IFOY jury nominates eleven forklift trucks, warehouse trucks, automatic guided vehicles and intralogistics solutions from a total of four manufacturers for the IFOY Award 2014
  • Nominees to undergo one-week IFOY test in March
  • NEW: in the IFOY Innovation Check, the Fraunhofer IML assesses the innovative character of the nominated trucks for the first time
  • Award presentation during the opening ceremony for the CeMAT in Hannover

Munich, February 6, 2014.  The nominations for the International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Award 2014 are in. In the first selection round, the jury chose eleven trucks and solutions from Crown, Jungheinrich, Still and Toyota for the final round from all the entries. Newly developed trucks, trucks that represent further developments or special models with significant technical improvements that have come onto the European market since December, 2012 were eligible for the award. "Not everyone has what it takes for IFOY. Only the best rise to the challenge of the tough selection process, and only the very best trucks and solutions are nominated", says Anita Würmser, Chairperson of the IFOY jury.
Nominated in the "Counter Balanced Trucks" category: Jungheinrich, Still, Toyota
This time, only two trucks have made it to the final in the category of "Counter Balanced Trucks up to 3.5 tons". One of the nominees is the new Toyota Tonero HST diesel forklift from Toyota Material Handling with hydrostatic transmission and a capacity of up to 2.5 tons. It is up against the new Traigo 80, also from Toyota Material Handling. This electric forklift truck is the successor model to the Toyota 7FBMF16-35 and has a capacity of 2.5 tons.
The finalists in the category "Counter Balanced Trucks from 3.5 tons" are the new EFG S40 electric forklift from Jungheinrich with the "Pure Energy" technology concept and a capacity of up to five tons and the also new Still RX 70-50 with diesel-electric drive and a capacity of five tons.

Nominated warehouse trucks from Crown, Still and Toyota
Three vehicles are nominated in the "Warehouse Trucks" category: the Crown GPC 3000 low-level order picker with Crown QuickPick® remote control. The operator can drive the truck forwards at the touch of a button using a special work glove, leaving both hands free and with no need to step off the truck. With the BT Optio OSE200X from Toyota Material Handling with automatic height adjustment and a remote control with clip-on feature, a second low-level order picker has also made it into the IFOY final: The third nominee is the EK-X vertical order picker from Hamburg-based intralogistics supplier Still with a reach height of 12 metres. The truck is equipped with an "Optispeed" system that allows situation-dependent control of the driving speed depending on the height and load weight.

Still and Jungheinrich nominated in the AGV category
Two trucks are nominated in the "Automatic Guided Vehicles" category.
The iGo Easy from Still is the first software solution worldwide that allows full configuration, control and monitoring via an iPad. It was developed to handle simple and standardised transport jobs, such as provision and retrieval to and from the production line. The nominated combination of iPad and driverless EGV-S high lift pedestrian stacker is also suitable for areas where only manual transport of goods made sense in the past, thereby enabling a fast and non-complex transition to the world of automation. The iGo Easy app guides users through all the necessary automation steps, which means they set can system up on their own and subsequently adapt it with minimum time and effort. First of all, the truck is manually driven through the warehouse zone in question. The various stations are approached by the truck, and each position is activated by a touch on the iPad. The app uses the recorded data to generate and visualise the optimum route; transport jobs can then be sent "by fingertip" to the truck by wireless LAN and automatically executed. The current position of the truck is shown on a virtual warehouse map and a live image, and important data such as speed, battery condition or current transport jobs are displayed graphically. The system can be controlled not only from within the warehouse but also from any point within the wireless network.
Also nominated is the laser-controlled Auto Pallet Mover (APM) from Jungheinrich. The latest generation of Jungheinrich AGVs is based on the serial trucks of the EKS 210a and ERC 215a order picker and high-lift truck lines - which are automated as part of the series production process. According to the manufacturer, the ROI period can be less than 12 months depending on the usage scenario. The APMs are equipped with an extensive personal protection system and precise laser navigation. The various sensors also permit safe use in mixed operation mode with manual trucks and pedestrians. The use of adjustable FEM forks enables the EKS 210a to handle special loading devices as well as Euro-pallets, while the compact design of the ERC 215a enables it to move in small alleys and extend and retract with little space required at individual transfer points. With a maximum lifting capacity of 1.5 tons and a lifting height of four metres, standard pallets can be carried to and stacked on various sources and stations.
Two system solutions from Jungheinrich and Toyota vying for the "Intralogistics Solutions 2014" award
Of the entered intralogistics system solutions, two concepts from Jungheinrich and Toyota have qualified for the final round.
Jungheinrich aims to win this year's award with a general contractor project for a narrow-aisle high-bay warehouse with over 4,000 pallet places at Swiss company Streng Plastic AG. The solution reduced wrong put-aways and retrievals to 0%, while the warehouse navigation concept boosted the efficiency of the narrow-aisle warehouse by up to 25%. Jungheinrich supplied the entire racking system, the forklift trucks, the Jungheinrich WMS, radio data transmission and various services besides project management. The centrepiece of the solution is the "Jungheinrich Logistics Interface" software. This software makes it possible to connect VNA forklift trucks to any warehouse management system and to forward transport orders directly to the truck control system (with follow-up confirmation), which means all the forklift truck driver has to do is hit the accelerator.
Toyota made it to the final round by implementing I_Site, a combination of technology, information, specialist expertise and consulting, at the Carreras Group, a logistics provider with international operations. Using PIN codes and a Web portal, the system helps the Carreras Group to monitor and control the deployment of 300 trucks at 22 locations. PIN code access for 1,130 drivers and numerous organisational measures, such as rankings for the best five drivers and other employee incentives, additionally help to minimise damage and improve process efficiency. I_Site boosted productivity at Carreras by 10% and cut operating costs for the forklift truck fleet by around 60%.

Final decision during the IFOY test in March
Which trucks are ultimately chosen for the IFOY Award 2014 will depend in large measure on the results of the IFOY Test, which all nominated trucks have to undergo over a period of one week on the trade fair grounds of Deutsche Messe AG in Hannover. For the first time this year, the jury of international trade journalists will have an additional source of information on which to base their decision - the "IFOY Innovation Check", prepared by the specialists from the Dortmund-based Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) and focusing on the innovative character of each vehicle in direct comparison with its competitors.
Among other things, the IFOY Award assesses innovative quality, technology, design, ergonomics, handling, safety, cost effectiveness and sustainability. The key criteria for intralogistics solutions include novel/innovative quality, customer benefit, sustainability and marketability of the solution.
The winner in each category will be selected in March by a jury made up of internationally reputed trade journalists and the leading logistics media in 13 countries of Europe. The IFOY Award will be presented in cooperation with the world's leading fair for intralogistics, CeMAT, on May 19 in Hannover during the opening of the fair.

You can find printable photos and IFOY logo variants in the press section at www.IFOY.org.

IFOY Award 2014:  nominations

Category: Counter Balanced Trucks up to 3.5t

  • Tonero HST, Toyota Material Handling (diesel)
  • Traigo 80, Toyota Material Handling (electric)

Category: Counter Balanced Trucks from 3.51 t

  • EFG S40, Jungheinrich (electric)
  • RX 70-50, Still (diesel)

Category: Warehouse Trucks

  • GPC 3000 low level order picker with Crown QuickPick® remote control, Crown
  • BT Optio OSE200X low level order picker with remote control, Toyota Material Handling
  • EK-X vertical order picker with Optispeed system, Still

Category: Automated Guided Vehicles

  • iGo Easy based on the EGV-S driverless high lift pedestrian stacker, Still
  • Auto Pallet Mover (APM) based on the series trucks of the order-picker and high-lift truck lines EKS 210a and ERC 215a, Jungheinrich

Category: Intralogistics Solutions

  • Jungheinrich: warehouse navigation: logistics Interface connects VNA Trucks with Jungheinrich WMS at Swiss company Streng Plastic AG
  • Toyota: international logistics group Carreras has improved its material handling fleet’s performance with Toyota I_Site in Portugal and Spain

The International Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) recognises the year's best materials handling equipment and intralogistics solutions. The aim of the non-profit organisation is to document the performance capability and innovative drive of the materials handling sector, helping to boost competitiveness and raise the profile of the entire intralogistics sector in the public arena. The winners of the IFOY Award are selected once a year by an independent jury of international trade journalists. A neutral test forms the basis for assessment by the jury. The sponsor of the IFOY Award is the VDMA Materials Handling and Logistics Systems Sector Association. The presentation partner is the leading international CeMAT trade fair for intralogistics in Hannover.
Members of the jury: Martin Althoff, Editor-in-Chief of Logistiek Totaal (Netherlands), Vladimir Antonov, Editor-in-Chief of Sklad i Technika (Warehouse & Equipment), (Russia), Alfons Calders, Editorial Manager of Industrie Technisch & Management (Belgium/France), Theo Egberts, IFOY tester and owner of Buro Andersom/Andersom Testing (Netherlands, without voting rights), Günther Hörbst, Editor-in-Chief of Deutsche Logistik-Zeitung (DVZ) (Germany), Thilo Jörgl, Editor-in-Chief of LOGISTIK HEUTE (Germany), Anders Karlsson, Editor-in-Chief of Transport & Logistik iDag (Sweden), Peter MacLeod, Editor-in-Chief of SHD Magazine (England), Bernd Maienschein, Editor-in-Chief of MM Logistik (Germany), Marilena Matei, Editorial Manager of Tranzit and Tranzit Logistica (Romania), Maurizio Peruzzi, Editor-in-Chief of Il Giornale della Logistica (Italy), Isabel Rodrigo, Editor-in-Chief of Logística Profesional (Spain), Hans-Joachim Schlobach, Publisher-Editor and Editor-in-Chief of BUSINESS+LOGISTIC (Austria), Sascha Schmel, Managing Director of the VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics Sector Association (without voting rights), Sebastian Śliwieński, Editor-in-Chief of Warehouse Monitor (Poland), Heres Stad, Editor-in-Chief of Logistiek (Netherlands), Werner Götz, Editor-in-Chief of Beschaffung aktuell (Germany). Executive Jury Chairperson is Anita Würmser, logistics journalist and Managing Director of wuermser.communications. The headquarters of the IFOY Organisation are in Munich.

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