From March 22 to 26, the IFOY TEST DAYS will take place in Hall 4 of the Dortmund Trade Fair Centre. A detailed hygiene concept ensures the highest possible level of safety. Only a selected group of experts is admitted.

In Hall 4 of the Dortmund Trade Fair Centre, all finalists for the IFOY AWARD 2021 will pass through the multi-level audit from March 22 and will be critically reviewed by the IFOY testers, the innovation checkers and the jury. In addition, the products and solutions will be tested by selected B2B experts as part of the TEST CAMP Intralogistics.

In order to ensure maximum safety for all participants of the TEST DAYS, the IFOY organisation has set up a comprehensive hygiene concept in coordination with Messe Dortmund to protect the participants from Covid-19. For example, wearing an FFP2 mask is obligatory during the entire IFOY TEST DAYS. Large test areas in the more than 8.400 square metre hall also ensure that enough space is available. In addition, the usual distance rules apply on the entire exhibition site, and they will be strictly controlled. Visual guidance systems as well as adhesive dots on the floor support this.

All visitors are requested to pass a Corona antigen self-test before entering the test area. In the hall itself, ventilation systems ensure regular air exchange. Disinfection dispensers are available in adequate numbers, and in addition all equipment is regularly cleaned and disinfected by the manufacturers. In order to ensure contact tracking, the data of all participants is stored. Access to the hall is limited and only possible after admission control. A get-together will be not be held this year.



The purpose of the IFOY TEST DAYS / TEST CAMP Intralogistics is to conduct the IFOY Audit. This is a three-stage test for new intralogistics products. Among all applicants, the 17 most innovative products and solutions were nominated for this purpose in December.

The results are of central importance for the marketing and sales of the manufacturers of these devices. In addition to numerous media, the IFOY Audit is an important seal of quality for mechanical engineering companies in international competition. In addition, the test results and practical assessments are integrated into the press work and marketing documents of the manufacturers and also serve as a basis for technical improvements and further developments by the development departments.
Only the test crews, manufacturers, jurors with their consultants and B2B users in limited numbers have access.

The IFOY Audit
At the beginning of the IFOY Audit is the IFOY test. The test compares the nominees with the relevant competitive equipment on the basis of Europe's largest comparative database of independent test data for industrial trucks. The vehicles undergo individually tailored driving or functional tests, including the IFOY test protocol comprising around 80 criteria, which determines factors such as cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency, sustainability, safety and ergonomics.
Part 2 of the Audit is the Innovation Check, which assesses the innovation value of a new device from a technological point of view and provides a technology comparison with market standards (innovation appraisal).  Scientists from Fraunhofer IML and the Technical Universities in Dresden and Munich assessed the finalists in terms of market relevance, customer benefits, type of design and degree of innovation. The innovations emphasized to varying degrees by the manufacturers of the devices in their documents and presentations are verified on site by means of visual inspections and with the aid of a functional test, and their function is verified.

The audit concludes with a physical test by the jurors and their approved consultants and B2B guests/users.