BMW forklift drivers testing the IFOY innovations


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Marco Forchhammer, Harald Grzeschik, Alexander Kühn and Johann Ruland. The four experienced forklift drivers from the BMW plant in Regensburg are well aware from their everyday work of what is important in industrial trucks and what exactly makes a good forklift truck. As part of the TEST CAMP Intralogistics, they have taken a close look at all the vehicles nominated for the IFOY this year and in previous years. The VIP testers assessed the forklifts and industrial trucks in terms of the criteria market relevance, customer benefit, degree of innovation and functionality. In the end, their commitment was honoured in a special way: with a special trophy. The IFOY VIP tester award was presented for the first time this year.

The test had demanded a lot from the drivers. Theo Egberts, official IFOY tester, had developed a special test course for the BMW drivers, where they had to lift pallets upright and crosswise with a lot of sensitivity and put them down again exactly. A move that also goes down well with Marcus Wollens, Vice President Steering Production, Production System, Controlling, Logistics at the plant of BMW in Regensburg: "Our drivers have the relevant know-how about what makes a good forklift truck and what requirements it has to meet. It is a special honour for them that they are now allowed to put the IFOY models through their paces".

In total, the drivers took a close look at 19 different vehicles from six different manufacturers. Among them were not only forklift trucks and industrial trucks nominated for the IFOY AWARD 2020 but also numerous candidates from previous years, including the STILL iGo neo or the CROWN C-5 Four-Wheel LPG. "It is interesting for the drivers to see how much is happening on the forklift truck market over the years", emphasised Anita Würmser, Chairperson of the IFOY jury. "In addition, satisfied drivers are an asset for any company, as equipping them with good trucks and industrial trucks can help in the fight against the shortage of skilled workers," she made clear. 

For this reason, the IFOY organisations wants to enable more teams of forklift truck drivers to take part as VIP testers at the IFOY TEST DAYS next year. Interested companies can now apply for this by e-mail at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .