Marilena Matei
Editorial Manager Tranzit and Tranzit Logistica

Marilena Matei (born in 1972) is Editorial Manager of  the Romanian Tranzit Logistica magazines "Tranzit" and "Tranzit Logistica".

Marilena Matei studied at the University of Journalism and Sciences of Communication in  Bukarest and graduated 1995. Durind her time at the University she already worked as a radio news editor at Radio Total before she became news editor at Auto-piata, a weekly newspaper edited by Motor Presse in Romania, the news magazine for the automotive market.
1996 she was appointed Editor-in-Chief of "Cargo Romania", the first transport magazine established in Romania in 1996. 2001 she founded  "Tranzit and Logistica magazines", held by Marilena Matei (70% of the shares) and Ion Matei (30%).

Her fokus is on all areas of technical logistics. She also has the Licence for driving forklift trucks, trucks, buses and coaches.


Launched on the market in 2001, Tranzit addresses transport and logistics managers working in the field of domestic and international transport of goods and passengers, distribution and logistics, construction, agriculture and wood exploitation, retailers, manufacturers that make their own distribution, service shops and manufacturers/distributors of spare parts etc.

Trazit writes about the business in transport & logistics, technical & commercial information about the equipments and software used in the field, legislation issues, economy and fiscal analysis of the supply-chain etc.

CIRCULATION    10,000 copies
READERS Transport and logistics managers
NEWSLETTER 2 times a week, 17.500 recepients, E-Paper

Each month a special issue about the topics: Passenger Transportation ("Transport persoane"; Contruction Equipments ("Utilaje") and Second-hand market.

Every three months a supplement dedicated to tyres (Anvelope).

Once a year the TOP ROMANIAN LOGISTICS OPERATORS, a Catalogue with an analysis of the transport and logistics market, description of all top-players on the market with turnovers, profits, warehousing facilities owned or operated etc.


Tranzit Logistica 

Since 2006 Trafic Media publishes "Tranzit Logistica", which is released on the market every two months. It addresses especially to retailers, logistics operators and those performing or renting distribution and warehousing activities. Logistica is distributed through the same channels as Tranzit. In the months when Logistica is not published, the articles on this segment are included in "Tranzit".


8,300 copies


daily, 8,500 subscribers

TARGET GROUP Transport and logistics managers