Alejandra Cabornero
Director „Logística Profesional"


Alejandra Cabornero (born 1992) is the director of the Spanish logistics magazine "Logística Profesional". 

Alejandra has been working as a journalist in the field of transport, traffic and logistics since 2014, among others for the NEXO and Editec groups.

Before being appointed director of Logística Profesional, she was editor-in-chief of the magazines Canal Ferretero and Servicios de Emergencia.


Logística Profesional

Logística Profesional is a trade magazine for everyone who is committed to the perfect supply chain: Operators, distributors, manufacturers, warehouse operators and many more.

The magazine is read by managers and technicians who make purchasing decisions in the logistics departments of the most important sectors of the economy.

The specials on Africa, Germany, Asia, France and Latin America are particularly noteworthy. The magazine publishes nine issues each year and has a daily newsletter with almost 94,000 subscribers.



CORE TOPICS Logistics, intralogistics, transport, logistics real estate, last mile, e-commerce, sustainability
NEWSLETTER Daily, readers: 94,000