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  • CHEP Deutschland GmbH
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  • CHEP Deutschland GmbH
  • CHEP Deutschland GmbH

CHEP is the world market leader in the pooling of pallets and containers. Over 500 million pallets and containers in circulation around the world ensure safe, efficient and environment-friendly logistics processes for the transport of industrial goods all the way through to the retail sector.

All the load carriers used are managed, collected and processed along widely varying logistics chains and cycles before being returned to the supply chains for renewed use. The efficiency of these operations is underpinned by decades of experience as well as an unparalleled infrastructure and the latest technologies such as realtime tracking.

CHEP's customers include companies from all sectors – from consumer goods, foods, DIY products and beverages all the way through to raw materials, petrochemicals and the automotive industry. Numerous global brands like Procter & Gamble, Sysco, Nestlé or Unilever rely on the services provided by CHEP to handle and optimise their transport operations.

Sustainable business activity
is one of the cornerstones of the CHEP philosophy

  • By repairing and reusing load carriers, CHEP spares over 1.3 million trees worldwide every year.
  • All the wood used by CHEP is FSC and PEFC certified.
  • CHEP helps its customers to minimise their ecological footprint in a variety of ways. The transport optimisation concepts reduce truck mileage by around 42 million kilometres a year, for example, equivalent to CO2 savings of almost 35,000 tons.

Kai Derda

"Building Supply Chains Together" is the guiding principle behind our day-to-day operations. The end goal is the perfect combination of reliability, safety, sustainability, innovation and efficiency. We firmly believe that we can only achieve this objective by working together. The IFOY Award is geared towards the same high standard and sets new benchmarks. As a partner of the IFOY Award, we are therefore looking forward to exciting and innovative solutions."

Kai Derda, Managing Director, CHEP Deutschland GmbH


"Building Better Supply Chains Together"

CHEP utilises the transformative power of innovation to minimise damage, to reduce costs, to mitigate environmental impacts, to underpin sustainable business activities, and to make the world a better place.

"Building Better Supply Chains Together". This credo drives the company and motivates its employees every day.
In practice, the interplay of the expertise of experienced engineers, the latest technology and software, as well as access to ISTA-certified innovation centres paves the way for the continuous optimisation of load carriers to ensure that they meet the constantly changing requirements of the market and the demands of new business models.

Simulation helps to ensure that innovations and processes work smoothly in practice. Factors such as transport damage, routines in high-bay warehouses, the influence of forklift trucks, automated and manual processes or transport and weather conditions are continuously simulated and analysed, for example. Realtime tracking systems (Promotion Tracking³) permits the tracking of load carriers and the documentation of relevant data like position, speed, temperature, brightness and weight using state-of-the-art CHIRP technology, GSM, wifi and Bluetooth. A modern online dashboard provides customers with near-realtime access to this information.

Since 1945, CHEP has been a member of the BRAMBLES Group founded in Australia in 1875 and currently employs more than 14,000 people in 50 countries, including a workforce of around 300 employees in Germany. CHEP operates 1,340 service centres worldwide, 30 of them in Germany.
CHEP Deutschland GmbH was founded in Cologne in 1985.
In Germany, CHEP is known for its blue 1/4 display pallet as well as the CHEP europallet and CHEP half-pallet.

Awards, certificates and Partnerships

  • 2013 - ECR Award for the usage of RFID technology in the category ‚Company cooperation along at the supply side'
  • 2014 - Lean and Green Award for providing a sustainability program to reduce CO2 emission by 205 by
  • 2014 – Brambles becomes member of TOP100 Dow Jones Sustainability Index
  • 2015 – CHEP receives awards in France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania and Poland for the new quarter pallet.
  • 2015 – CHEP Spain introduces the CHEP Retail Index
  • 2015 – Brambles beomces again member TOP 100 Dow Jones Sustainability Index.
  • 2015 – CHEP receives Gold certificate of the ecoVadis Organisation

CHEP cooperated with following Organisations

  • UN Global Compact
  • Sedex Verbund
  • Greenhouse Protocol
  • World Ecomomic Forum
  • The Sustainability Forum
  • ecoVadis
  • Club Demeter
  • GS1
  • BVL
  • EHI