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At this place we would like to inform you about current developments around the ongoing Corona pandemic regarding the IFOY AWARD, the IFOY TEST DAYS and the TEST CAMP Intralogistics. The page is updated regularly.

he International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY AWARD) honours the best industrial trucks and intralogistics solutions of the year - chosen by leading international logistics media. The first  highlight of the IFOY year are the IFOY TEST DAYS, where the trucks and solutions nominated for the finals are submitted to a one-week audit before the jury makes its decision. The audit will take place at the beginning of 2021 in a closed circle and is not public.

On the occasion of the IFOY TEST DAYS 2021, the TEST CAMP Intralogistics will also take place for the second time. Then the IFOY AWARD will open its doors for two days to B2B experts from industry, trade and services who are interested in innovation. There they will have the opportunity to experience the best new products in intralogistics live and to network with manufacturers, developers, jurors, testers and scientists as well as to test individually and extensively hands-on.

The IFOY TEST DAYS with the TEST CAMP Intralogistics are by nature a Corona-compliant test event.
Due to the limited access, a maximum of 250 people are scattered over more than 10,000 square metres. The schedule of the event, the test and driving areas as well as the boxes and aisles are designed in such a way that safe networking is possible and no crowding occurs.

Hygiene concept IFOY TEST DAYS 2021

For the realisation of IFOY TEST DAYS and TEST CAMP Intralogistics in 2021, the IFOY organisation has developed a detailed hygiene concept considering the ongoing corona pandemic. In order to ensure that the IFOY AWARD is carried out properly and in accordance with the requirements of infection protection, the IFOY AWARD organisation is in close contact with its event partners.

The hygiene concept is continuously updated and adapted to the current rules and regulations. You can find the current version for download under this link:

Hygiene concept - english