Vladimir Antonov
Editor-In-Chief Sklad i Technika (Warehouse & Equipment)

Vladimir Antonov (born in 1960) is Editor-in-Chief of the Russian trade magazine "Sklad i Technika" (Warehouse & Equipment) based in Moscow.

Antonov graduated with an engineering degree from his studies of Metal Physics in 1983 and was awarded a PhD in the technical sciences in 1990. In 1991 he was appointed Central Managing Director of Moscow-based transport service provider TAP.

Antonov began his career in journalism in 1998 when he was made Managing Editor of the trade magazine "Loginfo"; in 1999 he was then appointed Managing Editor of conveying technology magazine "Pod’emno-transportnoe oborudovanie". He became Editor-in-Chief of the magazine "Sklad i Technika" (Warehouse & Equipment) in 2003.

"Sklad i Technika" (Warehouse & Equipment)

"Sklad i Technika" (Warehouse & Equipment) is a Russian trade magazine focusing on the topics of warehouses and warehouse equipment. The magazine is published monthly in a circulation of 30,000 copies. It has its own homepage and sends out a newsletter to 1,400 recipients every month.

12 issues a year
CIRCULATION 30,000 copies
READERS Logistics managers

Monthly, 1,400 recipients, e-paper