Paul Hamblin
Editor-in-Chief Logistics Business


Paul Hamblin (born 1963) has been editor-in-chief of Logistics Business and since January 2016.

Paul graduated from the University of London in 1986, achieving an Honours Degree in Spanish. 

He has been an award-winning feature writer and editor at high-circulation specialist consumer and business magazines for over 25 years in the UK.

He developed an interest in writing about logistics issues and meeting logistics experts after carrying out freelance commissions for Logistics Business magazine, the industry's premier English-language title for the European market.

Logistics Business

Logistics Business covers all logistics inside and outside 'the shed', with particular focus on intralogistics, automation, forklifts, conveying and sortation - also 3PL issues, freight forwarding, and a unique emphasis on all software and IT issues in logistics.

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